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Our Story

Redbone was born out of a passion for working dogs and the added value they bring to our lives. Our dogs are protectors, companions, athletes, motivators, dependable, unconditional lovers, and truly our best friends. We believe in investing in our dogs because the return on investment is priceless. We want to invest in your dog by inviting you to experience our line of products all of which have been tried by our own dogs. If a product we represent does not pass the "Molly" test (see owner profile) we will not sell it! You will see a difference in your dog on many levels and we know our products will give your dog an edge! An edge when it comes to search and rescue, hunting, service, and sports.

You can trust Redbone!

Our Mission

Our goal is to do everything possible to expand the potential of working dogs in homes and communities around the world.

Our Vision

Redbone's vision is to bring inspiration and motivation to working class dogs through world class nutrition.

Our Process

Careful Selection

When introducing new supplements, our team commits to the latest research in the industry, from sourcing the highest quality effective ingredients that provide the most benefits as possible. All of our products are thoroughly vetted through quality assurance, lab testing, and statewide certification.

Premium Quality

At Redbone Nutrition, we only use all-natural organic ingredients from safe and reputable suppliers, leading the industry to make sure each product offers only the best quality and care for your canine.

First-Class Customer Service

Our support team is here to help. We know your dog is going to love our products so much that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you have any concerns, please feel free to send us an email. Our team will respond to help you with any questions you might have.

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Email us at:

*All messages received during normal business hours will be answered within the same day, while any messages received after normal business hours will be answered by the end of the next business day.
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Meet the Team



As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, I am a believer in the phrase “a man’s best friend” and their part in our lives. Red the Basset Hound, was an absolute joy to my family and growing up with such a charismatic and loving hound was a gift. During her battle with cancer, I saw a real need for products that would help alleviate her pain. I started Redbone Nutrition to help those in need of products that will provide the best all-natural nutrition for their dog.


IT Consultant

I have been an aspiring adventurer for much of my young adult life. Whether it is Kayaking the Buffalo River in Arkansas or hiking the Wind River Mountain Range in Wyoming, I am always excited for the next challenge to overcome! Truth be told, I am the odd man out and I own two cats that I love very much. One is a Bombay black kitten named Yin and the other is a cuddly and adorable Tabby named Rufus. But during my travels I have encountered many adventure loving dogs. On my kayaking trip I made friends with a delightful Beagle named Ada that belonged to my good friend and I have grown closer with my brother's Brittany Spaniel named Lily. As I have gotten older I have come to appreciate how dogs are often very open to humans and are willing to get to know you if you take the time to introduce yourself.

Gary (Jack)

Business Consultant

I am a military veteran having served with both the Navy and Marine Corps. I own a yellow lab and an Aussiebea, both hard working athletes. Cattle operations on our farm require the assistance of our cattle foreman's Australian Shepard. I have also worked along rescue dogs searching for survivors after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Close friends work with law enforcement and military K-9 units, hunt with and train the hunting breeds, have service dogs, and enter sports events with world class canine athletes. I enjoy having these dogs around me, watching them work and play hard. The "working dog" canine class needs the best possible nutrition and care. I am going to make sure they get both!

Meet the Owners


I'm a yellow lab. I was rescued from a kennel when I was 9 months old. After being rescued I quickly became an avid swimmer and trekking companion. I work and play hard on a daily basis. As I get older, I'm 12 years old now, all natural supplements are essential for my hips and joints to remain healthy. I entusiastically recommend Redbone products.


They say being an old dog you can't learn any new tricks. While I might not be able chase the neighborhood rabbits as well as I used to, I have learned how to enjoy the finer things like a good long nap during the day and howling at the moon all night long. My owners say they can't put up with old Red, but when I crawl up into their laps they don't seem to mind too much.

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