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Girl and dog walking in natural sunlit field. She is carrying a basket of natural hemp.

Pet owners try Hemp oil to help anxious dogs during fireworks season

With the Fourth of July just a few days away, don’t be surprised if you hear fireworks going off all week.

The sudden, loud noises can be very triggering for anxious dogs, causing many of them to run away during the holiday week.

“Be empathetic the pet might not find it as entertaining as we do,” said Dr. Jeffrey Reeves with Neel Veterinary Hospital. “We want to be sensitive to that and try to prevent any medical problems from happening.”

Dr. Reeves says he has seen horrible injuries happen when fireworks cause pups to bolt.

“Dogs will jump through glass, jump through fences and get caught in the fence, or even the most catastrophic is they’ll try to get away and get out and get hit by a car,” he said.

He recommends keeping anxious dogs inside as much as possible this week. You can even try a white noise machine to drown out the sounds of nightly celebrations.

More and more of Dr. Reeves’ clients have been using Hemp oil to treat their pets' anxiety too.

Hemp oil comes from the marijuana plant, but it doesn’t produce a high. You can get it in drops, pills, and even treats. Many pet owners swear by it, but there hasn’t been a lot of studies done on how the oil impacts animals.

“I would seek help from a veterinarian that has experience with it,” said Dr. Reeves.

If you’re going to use Hemp oil for your pet:
  • Consult with your veterinarian
  • Do your research
  • Buy from a reputable company
  • Follow the product’s recommended dosing guidelines
  • Be careful about mixing Hemp oil with any prescription medications your pet already uses
Since many pets get spooked and run away during Independence Day celebrations, it’s a good time to check your dog has proper identification. Make sure their collar has a tag with your contact information on it. Microchips can also help reunite owners with their missing pets.
Originally posted by:
Caroline Vandergriff
@ Fox 25 of Oklahoma